• Chuck Todd

    illustrator & visual journalist


    Chuck Todd is an award-winning illustrator

    and visual journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.



    Specializing in portraits, editorial, children's books and comics illustration.

    Contact Chuck at chucktoddartist@gmail.com

    Portrait of RINGO STARR

    Accepted into the Ilustration West 61 show of the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators

    Mixed media on wood panel

    Groundbreaking NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson​

    Ilustration West 60 certificate of merit Los Angeles Society of Illustrators

    Graphite, Acrylic, Ink and prismacolor on 5in x 7in board #illustrationisolation series.

    Rosa Parks at the March on Washington

    Graphite, Acrylic, Ink and prismacolor on 5in x 7in board #illustrationisolation series.

    Bela Lugosi COUNT DRACULA

    Graphite, Acrylic, pastel, prismacolor on cardboard #illustrationisolation series.

    Woman in Red

    Illustration Isolation series. 5x7 on cardboard, pencil, acrylic, prismacolor, clear gesso. #illustrationisolation,

    Photo reference courtesy photographer Richard Allen
    @visualartspassage, @rw2_arthouse #illustration #mixedmedia #red #braids www.chucktodd.net

    World War II Fighter Pilot Edward Gleed one of the famed Tuskegee Airmen

    Illustration Isolation series. 5x7 on cardboard, pencil, acrylic, prismacolor, clear gesso. #illustrationisolation

    Woman in Red Dress

    Illustration Isolation series. 5in x 7in mixed media. Reference photo courtesy Bryan Rodner Carr and Arthouse #illustrationisolation, @visualartspassage, @brcarr, @rw2_arthouse www.chucktodd.net #illustration #mixedmediaart #directoryofillustration #acrylic

    Indigenous Amazon Warrior

    Illustration Isolation series from Amazon expedition photo by Tim Trabon.

    Frederick Douglass 

    mixed media, personal project

    Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Navajo Nation

    Cover Illustration for the VERDICT

    Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Navajo Nation

    Illustration for story in the VERDICT

    Truth and "Memory" 

    Client: Global Press Journal

    Birth of the Bat: (Batman origin)

    Comics Cover Project: Illustration Academy

    Oakland's Blues. Musical legends performed at Oakland's historic 7th Street. Portraits of Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Lowell Fulson and Bob Geddins. Chuck Todd illustration For Bay Area News Group

    JAZZ GREATS: Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Charles Mingus, Louis Armstrong and Chick Webb.

    Mixed media

    Illustrations from the children's book: "Is That a Skunk?"

    Illustrations for Bay Area News Group:

    Contra Costa Times (now East Bay Times), Oakland Tribune and San Jose Mercury News

    Illustrations for Global Press Journal

    Image and Perception

    Source Seeker

    Desperate Migration

    Threats to Photo Journalists

    Translation in news reporting

    Manic Depression

    Class demo. Mixed media, coffee, pencil, pastel and watercolor.

    Cancer Journey Series:

    Chapter 1 (top) and Chapters 1-5 sequence (below), for the Contra Costa Times

    Red-tailed Hawk for Los Angeles Magazine.

    Albert Einstein for a Kaiser employee magazine

    Portrait of Tathagata Sathpathy Client OZY Magazine (OZY.com)

    Artwork for poster and CD cover

    Jazz Blast. Mixed media

  • Chuck's Drawing Board

    The latest news from Chuck Todd illustration, and links to more cool projects.


    Draw Them One at a Time is an ongoing online project on the Nation's OppArt blog where artists focus on the children in the camps.

    My art of a caged child was one of the featured pieces. I'm proud to join other talented artists on the OppArt blog project championed by the great Steve Brodner. I encourage you to check out the project on OppArt. DON'T LOOK AWAY

    Child in a Cage Don't Look Away

    Don't Look Away

    I designed this poster to display at the Lights for Liberty vigil on July 12. #DONTLOOKAWAY


    "Is That a Skunk?"

    Chuck Todd's new illustrated book with author Gary Bogue

    We are excited to announce that our new children's book is now available!   "Is That A Skunk?" is the latest children’s book from Gary Bogue and Chuck Todd, the creative team of the popular urban wildlife guide The Raccoon Next Door. 
    In this charming picture book, Lucas and his family adjust to their new urban wildlife neighbor ... a SKUNK! Along the way they learn all about these surprisingly amiable animals: their favorite things to eat, their preferred places to stay, their friends and enemies, and even how to get rid of their smell.

    Ask for "Is That a Skunk?" at your local bookstore or order the book now: https://heydaybooks.com/book/is-that-a-skunk/


    For more on the book, go to www.isthataskunk.com

    If you have any questions or are interested in a book signing event, contact Chuck at chucktoddartist@gmail.com

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    About the Artist

    Chuck Todd Illustration

    Chuck Todd is an award-winning illustrator and visual journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chuck has a BFA in Image Production from Missouri State University and an MFA in Illustration from The Academy of Art University. After more than two decades as a newspaper artist and presentation editor, Chuck has turned his focus to creating illustrations for children’s books, magazines, websites and comics.


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    Illustration with impact:
    Chuck Todd creates visual stories with immediacy, emotion and clarity.



    IN ALL"

    As a visual storyteller,
    I welcome the creative journey

    and embrace the challenge of taking an idea and honing it into focus.

    Let's take the journey together.



    Artwork from children's
    nature books
    author Gary Bogue.



    Chuck Todd's wildlife
    and nature illustrations
    have been featured in exhibits, posters, newspapers, books
    and in
    museum displays.






    My sequential art projects

    showcasing cinematic and illustrative approaches to storytelling.

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    I'm also an award-winning

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